Recently, on a FaceBookVizsla page,  I read of a new Vizsla owner who had asked for help with her new puppy that was crying during the night.
This 8 week old puppy, on its first night at home,  was put outside in a kennel to sleep alone in the middle of winter. For me this is nothing more than neglect. Albeit it could be neglect caused by ignorance, but it is neglect just the same.
This is where a responsible breeder is so important, as he or she will stress the importance of introducing a pup to their new home. Evidently this new owner was told by the breeder that the litter slept outside and the pup would be ok to do so. Shame on her!
Firstly, when you take a new puppy home it is important to realize that puppy has never been alone in its entire life. It has lived with its siblings from birth. When you bring a new puppy home it is best to put it in a crate at night and keep that crate by your bed, so that if the pup cries because it is afraid and or lonely, you are there to reassure it. The pup can also let you know it needs to toilet.
Those first few weeks of your new puppies life are of utmost importance and can determine its fears, trust, confidence and its character for the remainder of its life.
Secondly, NO eight week old puppy should be left alone in a kennel outside in the middle of winter.
Thirdly, Vizslas have no undercoat and they feel the cold. They are not a breed to be left outside in a kennel, summer or winter, but should be allowed to share the family home, whether it be in a crate, on a dog bed, on a sofa or in your bed!
If you are not prepared to have a Vizsla as a part of your every day family life, to love it, respect its needs, to socialise it and
care for it as you would any other member of the family, please, please don’t adopt a Vizsla.