Maggie – Forever in our hearts

Agasvari Royal Edition

Maggie was my first vizsla who came to me when I was living in Sydney. She came from the Kathleen Eori of Agasvari Kennels. She was a beautiful puppy and it was my hope to put her in the Show Ring where I believe she would have had success, however work and family pressures did not allow me to do so. Maggie was and the MATRIACH of our dog family. She has been a wonderful friend, companion, and confidante and has never betrayed a secret! Maggie was great with the youngsters and always kept them in check.

Our beautiful Maggie passed just before Christmas.  She was a few months short of her 14th birthday.  She left this world in the same manner she had lived her life – with dignity and at peace, as she died in my arms.  She will be greatly missed and loved forever.  She was truly a wonderful dog.

Love you my Maggie!

Grand Ch., NZ Ch.
Aust. Ch.
AGASVARI SUPER KAYEPedigree (docx file)