Bringing your puppy home.

The time has finally arrived to bring your puppy home!

After deciding to adopt a Vizsla, researching the breed, finding a reputable breeder and waiting forever, the time has finally arrived!
By now you will have received from me a “puppy letter” outlining all the things you should have on hand for the big arrival.
Please remember that your puppy has never been alone since birth. It is comparable to a 3-4 month old baby. Up until this point it has always been with its Mum and its litter mates and has had constant attention and had handling from us. The transition of leaving our family to join yours is a big step. The pup will be unsure and apprehensive and will need much love, attention and reassurance from you as it adapts to its new life.
I have recommended a crate and explained about crate training. I absolutely recommend this for your new puppy. Please search “crate training for puppies” on the net.
At night I initially recommend putting your pup in the crate after toileting it before you go to sleep. Keep the crate next to your bed so that if the pup is stressed or cries you can put a hand into the crate to reassure it that you are nearby. It will not take long for the pup to adapt to this new environment.
I have explained that during the day the crate should be in the living area and near to you in your home.  Fill the crate with toys for the pup and make it a fun place to be. Every day feed your pup snacks in the crate and close the crate for a period so the puppy understands that the crate is its special place. As the pup gets used to being in the crate you can extend  the length of time that you leave it there. This makes it easy if you need to go out for short period to shop etc. The pup is safe and in a place it recognizes as its own. Do NOT leave the puppy there alone for extended periods of time. Do not lock the pup in the laundry or garage,  and do not leave it outside alone. Remember, it is just a baby!
Puppies are amazingly resilient and they learn very quickly. Vizslas are so anxious to please and they are very smart. It will only be a short time before your puppy is sleeping happily through the night, and going to toilet outside.
I cannot stress enough that the most important thing about the beginning of your puppies life with you is that you give it love, reassurance and attention, and that you let your puppy know that it is safe with you. The initial period of your puppies life is so important as from this time it learns love, respect, security and trust. If you give your puppy all it needs in this all important period, he/ she will reward you with more love and devotion than you could possibly imagine.