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  1. Beautiful dogs Ronalie with magnificent rich golden coats not to mention the ‘formation’ of your Vizslas! You’ve got me seriously thinking about the breed after reading ‘About the Vizsla’ and studying your ‘Our Dogs’ section. Oh my!!!
    Fabulous website and clearly written by a breeder who truly loves her dogs.

  2. I really enjoyed reading “My way to raise a Vizsla” so interesting.
    Thank you

  3. Beautiful dogs, trying to decide what to buy next after having 9 Rotties and have just said goodbye to my NZ IMPORT at nearly 11 years old and have 1 old girl left who is also nearly 11. I can’t have anymore Rotts too heart breaking. Thought about a Ridgback but maybe too big as not getting any younger. Would like to do agility etc again even if just for fun. I live on the Gold Coast so at least in Qld. Not in a hurry for puppy as enjoying having one to spoil etc.

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